Kitchen Design Partners: Previous Projects + Customer Reviews

Bespoke Luxury in Bannockburn Project

This project showcased our ability to bring the homeowner’s vision to life. The project was designed with attention to detail and a keen understanding of the homeowner’s style and needs.

Calm and Contemporary in Deerfield Project

In this project, we brought to life the tranquility and modern aesthetics the client desired. Our design ideas were highly appreciated, creating a calm and contemporary kitchen space that the client loved.

Elegant in Evanston Project

Elegance was the key to this project. We worked closely with the client to ensure their kitchen was not only functional but also exuded elegance and sophistication.

Dramatic Modern Farmhouse

Our Dramatic Modern Farmhouse demonstrated our commitment to sustainable design. We created a kitchen that was not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Wonder in Wilmette Project

This project was a testament to our ability to merge luxury design with sustainability. The result was a remarkable kitchen that met the client’s needs and was environmentally conscious.