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At Kitchen Design Partners, we undertook an ambitious project in Deerfield. Our objective was to renovate a dated and inefficient kitchen, transforming it into a more modern design, contemporary decor, design, and functional space for contemporary homes. The original kitchen of our client’s house was cramped, with a limited cooking area due to the close proximity of the refrigerator and a desk to the cooktop. Our challenge as interior designers was to revitalize this space and incorporate contemporary aesthetics, a color palette, natural materials, and high-end functionality elements, reflecting our company and interior designer’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

The Challenge: Revamping a Cluttered and Outdated Kitchen

At Kitchen Design Partners, we identified several issues during our initial assessment of the kitchen. These included an ineffective venting system, no lighting, a cluttered island with a sink, and a raised breakfast bar on the peninsula that disconnected natural elements in the kitchen from the dining area. A noticeable concern for contemporary interior design however, was our client’s passion for coffee, resulting in a countertop crowded with various coffee appliances and paraphernalia. This necessitated a more modern design, clean lines, and organized approach. As dedicated kitchen designers, we prioritize accommodating our clients’ lifestyles, particularly when it comes to design styles and their habits and preferences. In this house’s case, we aimed to create a kitchen environment that not only looked appealing but also functioned seamlessly with our client’s unique style and daily routines.

Our Approach: Crafting a Contemporary Kitchen Oasis

At Kitchen Design Partners, we embraced a design philosophy centered around creating a serene and contemporary-style kitchen. Our team of designers carefully selected straight-grain oak cabinetry with flat panels, simple doors, and drawers, along with frameless construction and lighting, to elevate the aesthetic of the space. The warmth and texture of the oak provided a striking contrast to the designer’s previous kitchen’s cold white tones, embodying the calm and tranquility our client desired. Understanding our client’s passion for coffee and her unique style of interior design and styles, we crafted a custom coffee station – a four-foot-long cabinet featuring custom-designed doors. This thoughtfully designed feature perfectly houses all her coffee essentials. Our approach to interior design wasn’t solely focused on aesthetics; it aimed to create a functional space that caters to her daily rituals, ensuring clutter-free countertops while providing convenient access to her beloved coffee collection. At Kitchen Design Partners, attention to detail and client satisfaction are at the heart of our designs.

Enhancing Functionality and Style

At Kitchen Design Partners, we made several enhancements to the interior design to create an optimized kitchen space. Firstly, we eliminated the redundant desk area, allowing for a more spacious cooking zone. This change provided the dream home with the perfect opportunity to incorporate a 42-inch built-in refrigerator, which is essential for homeowners who love to bake and entertain. Additionally, we added double ovens, a steam oven, and a microwave to cater to the extensive cooking and baking needs of an entire home, especially for large family gatherings.

To maximize storage and efficiency, we retained and enlarged the kitchen island. The island now features two sides, offering increased storage and an efficient cleanup zone. On the front side, we dedicated space for cleanup tasks, including a sink, dishwasher, and waste management. On the backside, we provided ample storage for serving platters, glass, and entertain ware. Furthermore, we reimagined the front and dining room peninsula, ensuring it was at a single level. We connected the kitchen to the dining room and area, fostering an open and cohesive atmosphere.

The Final Touches: A Kitchen Tailored to Lifestyle and Function

At Kitchen Design Partners, we prioritize attention to detail. We ensured the island served not only as a storage hub but also as a practical cleanup zone. Our commitment to functionality, elegance, and contemporary modern style is evident through the inclusion of a sleek double waste pull-out, spaces for cutting boards, and neatly organized compartments for utensils and silverware.

Understanding the modern homeowner’s penchant for hosting, we tailored design elements to ease the process of preparing and serving meals during large family events. Ample storage and strategically placed appliances contribute to a modern kitchen environment that not only fosters inspired culinary creations and ideas but also joyful gatherings.

Innovative Design Meets Personalized Functionality

At Kitchen Design Partners, we believe that every kitchen should be a reflection of its homeowner’s unique personality and lifestyle. For the Calm and Contemporary project, this meant not just a makeover but a complete reimagining of the kitchen space. 

We introduced innovative solutions like the custom coffee station and smart storage options, ensuring that every aspect of the kitchen was tailored to our luxury client and designer’s specific needs. Our approach combined classic design and aesthetic appeal for designers and interior designers, with practical functionality, creating a space that was not only beautiful but also highly efficient and personalized.

Creating a Harmonious Blend of Spaces

A key aspect of our design philosophy is to create a harmonious flow between different areas of the home. In the Calm and Contemporary kitchen, we achieved this by redesigning the peninsula to seamlessly integrate with the dining area. 

This thoughtful adjustment in the interior design and styles of the house and floor plan transformed the kitchen from a separate, isolated space into a central, inviting area for family gatherings and social interactions. The open-plan design encouraged communication, creativity, and interaction, making the kitchen the heart of the home, where moments are shared, and culinary experiences and ideas are enjoyed together.

Sustainable and Timeless Design Choices

At Kitchen Design Partners, sustainability and timeless design are cornerstones of our approach. For this project, we carefully selected materials and finishes that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and durable.  The straight grain wood and oak cabinetry, for instance, was chosen for its natural beauty and longevity. Our design choices are aimed at ensuring that the kitchens and interiors we create remain functional, stylish, and relevant for years to come, reflecting our commitment to sustainable design practices and enduring quality.

Life-Changing Results in Calm and Contemporary 

At Kitchen Design Partners, we take pride in our ability to transform traditional kitchens into spaces that align with contemporary design and reflect our clients’ lifestyles. Our latest project, Calm and Contemporary in Deerfield, exemplifies this commitment. By revamping a dated and inefficient kitchen, we designers have successfully created a contemporary haven that captivates both visually and practically. One remarkable aspect of the redesign is the homeowner, designer, and interior designer’s newfound love for the workspace. As opposed to her previous preference for using furniture on the island for laptop work, she now favors the inviting natural light and functional peninsula. This shift attests to the success story of our design in meeting the needs and preferences of our clients. In essence, our philosophy revolves around the art of crafting kitchens that go beyond mere cooking spaces. They are rooms meant to be lived in and enjoyed as rooms where memories are shared and cherished. Calm and Contemporary stands as a modern yet contemporary design and a proud example of our dedication to this vision!

Calm and Contemporary in Deerfield Project

In this project, we brought to life the tranquility and modern aesthetics the client desired. Our design ideas were highly appreciated, creating a calm and contemporary kitchen space that the client loved.