Beyond the Ordinary: How the Ice Café au Lait Project Redefined a Family’s Kitchen Experience

At Kitchen Design Partners, we believe that home projects should be anything but ordinary. That’s why we encourage homeowners like Garry and Lisa to think beyond the point of meeting the norm and create something truly unique. Take their Ice Café au Lait Project, for example. After months of careful planning, designing, and building, they transformed their kitchen into a charming space filled with style, playfulness, and the invigorating aroma of fine, affordable coffees.

With their newly designed kitchen, Garry and Lisa have created an entirely new experience in their home. It’s a place where great conversations around the breakfast table at brunch and lunch are enjoyed, and cozy nights are spent after dinner, curled up on the couch by firelight watching together. They’ve shown us that a home project can be so much more than a simple renovation job; it’s an opportunity to redefine what “home” means to you.

Curious to learn how Garry and Lisa brought their dream house alive? Keep reading for the full story of their extraordinary journey with Kitchen Design Partners.

19 Years in the Making: Rejuvenate Your Builder-Grade Kitchen

At Kitchen Design Partners, we are thrilled to embark on the exciting challenge and adventure of transforming a dull, outdated kitchen into a stunning and highly functional space. We have our work cut out for us, as the present original state of this kitchen is far from impressive. From the outdated design to the long and narrow layout and, of course, the lack of functionality, there’s a lot that is wrong and needs improvement. But here’s the thing: we love a good challenge, and we are fully prepared and excited to tackle this 19-year-old, builder-grade kitchen with all the expertise and passion we have. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be surprised and witness a remarkable transformation from drab to fab!

Create an Open and Inviting Atmosphere with Our Expert Remodeling Services

At Kitchen Design Partners, we understand the frustrations that come with limited space and functionality when it comes to kitchen design. We know that feeling of not wanting to cook in a hot, cramped space that resembles a used store or bowling alley. That’s why we’re here to help you overcome these challenges.

We have solutions for dishes, tight spaces, awkward island designs, and storage issues that matter, which we hope will transform your kitchen into a more open and inviting atmosphere. Our goal is to maintain critical traffic flow while creating a space that truly feels like the heart of your home.

With our creative storage options and expert redesign services, we can turn your kitchen into a space that you’ll love and enjoy spending time in. Let us show you how we can make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Transform Your Home with Bold Contemporary Style and Traditional Charm

At Kitchen Design Partners, we’re thrilled to introduce the dream team behind the incredible transformation of the farmhouse into a modern marvel. Led by interior designer, husband, and friend Rebecca Pogonitz and Mackman Builders, we’re bringing together the best of old and new. Our vision is to create a contemporary farmhouse style that seamlessly blends traditional charm and history with modern appeal. By skillfully combining traditional architectural elements and history with sleek and edgy contemporary features, we’re crafting something truly original and eye-catching. We can’t wait to see how our unique perspective will create a beautiful and standout space. Join us on this exciting journey!

Revolutionize Your Kitchen: Transform It From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

At Kitchen Design Partners, we understand the desire to transform your kitchen but do not know where to start. That’s one thing why we’re here to help! Let’s walk through, discuss, and explore some innovative design ideas that can revolutionize your space. We recommend starting with removing drywall areas and installing x-pattern beam designs using reclaimed farmhouse beams. These solutions address spatial challenges by creating a more open and inviting environment while enhancing the kitchen’s aesthetics with a rustic yet modern touch. Utilizing reclaimed materials is not only a great way to promote sustainability but also encourages environmentally conscious design. So, let’s think a bit outside the box when it comes to your kitchen design. With these simple changes, you can make a significant impact.

Enjoy More Me-Time Thanks to a Thoughtfully Crafted Kitchen Space

At Kitchen Design Partners, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of every home. That’s the first time we take the time to create a space that meets the unique needs of your family. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a family who had a deep love for iced coffee, tea, wine, and homemade almond milk. To accommodate their daily habits, we included specialized storage for all their coffee paraphernalia, from the French press to the coffee grinder. Our design also ensured ample refrigerator space for their homemade almond milk, a must-have for them. By understanding and meeting their needs, we were able to create a kitchen that truly reflects their lifestyle and makes their daily routines a breeze.

Get Creative in the Kitchen: How to Create the Perfect Look

At Kitchen Design Partners, we believe that the finishing touches are what truly bring a kitchen to life. And this kitchen is no exception. Imagine the perfect combination of three different cabinet finishes, each with its own unique character, coming together in perfect harmony. The result? A rich and textured look that immediately captures your attention. But that’s not all! 

Let’s talk about the eye-catching backsplash. Our chevron pattern is sleek and contemporary, but the playful use of color adds an interesting, fresh, and undeniably fun element. And don’t forget about our contrasting countertop finishes. The warm wood and cool white marble create a casual yet eclectic vibe that perfectly suits our homeowners’ fun-loving personalities. All of these design choices come together to create a space that is not only totally unique but also beloved by our whole community of homeowners.

Bring Style, Character & Functionality to Every Room of Your Home

At Kitchen Design Partners, we take pride in our ability to transform your kitchen into a stunning and functional space. With our amazing design team, we can bring out the modern farmhouse look you’ve always dreamed of. From installing rustic and reclaimed farmhouse beams to combining kitchen cabinet finishes, we’ll create a beautiful zone that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

With clever zoning and personal touches throughout, our goal is to empower you and your family to make lasting memories in your newly renovated home. Every visit to your kitchen will bring joy and enjoyment as you share recipes and countless moments with friends and your loved ones in the quiet comfort of it all.

If you have decided you’re looking forward to bringing more style, character, and functionality into your own home, consulting with professionals is key to achieving success. So, why not decide to take action beginning today? Start your creative journey with Kitchen Design Partners. Contact us, and let’s make your dreams a reality!

Dramatic Modern Farmhouse

Our Green Project demonstrated our commitment to sustainable design. We created a kitchen that was not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly.