On location at KBIS 2008: Chicago

Kitchens have become casual gathering places. The kitchen provides togetherness for everyday families and comfortable entertaining, when using multiple finishes and “furniture-look”cabinetry, organization tools, clutter control, various “function” zones,

31693015634 Organization is key! Today’s busy lifestyles require parents to be “CEO’s-Chief Executive Organizers.” Spaces that keep people together and out of each others’ way while working on various tasks are defining today’s kitchens. Cabinetry with recycling centers, vertical tray dividers, small appliance storage, drawer organizers with pegsdividers, are great tools to support busy families.

Chris-At-Banquette-ContemporaryBanquettes are a great seating option for the togetherness today’s families desire. Whether the designs are contemporary or traditional, we love the cozy look and feel of a built-in eating area. We also love the efficient use of space that these clever nooks create!