I’ve always loved this glass panel, lighted kitchen cabinet for displaying my stemware. Recently I decided I would like an updated style. I didn’t have to purchase a whole new cabinet to get a beautiful new look.

Cabinet Makeover Before


First, I removed the shelves and took the time to wash the cabinet inside and out. After cleaning, I carefully dried the painted surfaces to keep water from seeping underneath and damaging the finish. Since cabinets should be cared for like fine furniture, I always make sure to dry all surfaces thoroughly so that no moisture is left on the finish. Then, I hired a professional to install a mirror custom-cut to fit in the back of the cabinet. It is important to get a professional installation to be sure the fit is perfect and secure.


Look at the difference! The mirror adds dimension and reflects light, brightening the room and making my stemware sparkle. This simple update gave me a fresh, cheerful look just in time for spring!


Cabinet Makeover After

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